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Renovation For Buyers

Is It A Good Investment?
When looking to renovate a home you need to know, "Is it a good investment?". Below are some valuable worksheets that will help you determine if a particular piece of property is a venture worth taking. Just click the link to download a printable PDF.

Renovation For Sellers

Does Your House Need To Be Updated?
Often for sellers, this is a very difficult question.  A seller may like their home and the style of how it is decorated.  However, they may be aware that the typical buyer is looking for something different with a more current look and trendy colors. 

One of the services offered by my company is to help a seller decide what needs to be done to their home in order to prepare it for buyers in the current market.  Once these decisions are made, I am able to oversee the work done to completion.  This is accomplished in the following way:

1. Decide what needs to be done.
2. Collect bids from various contractors.
3. Summarize and organize work to be completed.
4. My charges – Cost plus 20%. This means that once the materials and labor are calculated, I
    charge 20% of total to organize, supervise and manage the job to completion. Once all the
              work is completed, the seller can choose from listing options for placing home on the market. 

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