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Services For Buyers

1. Assist Buyers In Establishing the Following Desires:
a. Location of Home
b. Purchase price of Home
c. Size of Home
d. Style of Home
e. Condition of Home

2. Educate Buyer on the Options:
a. Designate areas where buyer desires are available
b. Assist buyer in narrowing down what best fits their needs
c. Send or show buyer all home selections meeting their criteria
d. Assist buyer narrow down the home of their choice

3. Assist Buyer Negotiate Offer to Purchase Home
a. Help buyer write appropriate offer to present to seller
b. Present and negotiate offer on behalf of buyer
c. Deliver all checks, notices, and contracts to appropriate places

4. Assist Buyer with Home Inspection and Negotiations
a. Review home inspection with buyer
b. Assist buyer with decisions regarding necessary repairs
c. Assist buyer with negotiation of repairs with seller
d. Assist buyer with decisions about repair completion

5. Assist Buyer with Closing of Transaction
a. Accompany buyer to Title Company
b. Review Closing documents and assist buyer with questions
c. Assist buyer with taking possession of home from seller

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